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No Frugal Unless It's A Turkey Club, okay sexy?

LOOK AT THAT BEAST OF A SANDWICH. That is my very own turkey club. Lean & honey turkey slices with bacon, spinach leaves, ruby tomato slices, pickles and my very favored honey mustard dressing from Lighthouse on some sour dough bread.
Bitches would pay 8.99 for this shit at Panera.

I found this thing about being frugal on the chan boards cause I frequent the cooking area. Thought you might like it too. Anything in italics is mine, the rest is silly anon.

Shopping: Stop spending $50 a week, you dumb fucker.
-Use coupons. Plan meals around 'em. Don't just buy food because they're on sale, though. Shit, I thought this was a given?
-Frequent cheaper stores (Walmart, Asian market, Immigrant stores) Okay, I understand, but the Asian market we have is expensive as fuck and the closest we have to an Immigrant store is the habeeb mart at the end of town. They don't exactly have food supplies so much as food snack...
-Farmer's markets for in season produce.
-Don't be afraid to haggle, at farmer's market near closing. I'm a really good at the haggle and the pity game for that matter. You just have to know when and how to do it properly. You also have to make them buy it. In other words, be a good actor.
-Get to know your farmer's market and grocery workers. They'll be more likely to help you out, allow haggling, etc. Could not be more true. It is SO handy to get to know the people you buy from.
-Buy oil/soysauce/cooking wine/rice, etc at an Asian market in bulk for cheap. Legumes/beans/strange veggies/spices at Immigrant stores. Or get a membership at Costco like I did.
-NO to the deli counter, salad bar, precooked meals (frozen pizza, microwave meal), snacks, pre frozen shit, etc. Salad bar is acceptable for SMALL amounts to help a dish out. This stuff can be over priced, unless you know where to look. I like going to the WinCo deli because they have everything a normal deli has for half the price.
-Buy meat in bulk on sale, divide and store in freezer, invest in deep freezer if you can. This also works with PANDEMIC meat. lolwut. I'm not sure about that last part. But the first part is something I already do. It's great to get some cheap meat on sale, buy it in bulk, make sure you check the dates on them, and toss them in the freezer. You can have a meal every night of the week!
-Buy spices self-bagged with price per pound. WINCO rocks for this. They let you get spices from the bins per pound; it's amazing. I hope you can find somewhere similar.
-Water. Not milk, soda, or juice. Water. All of these things are expensive and any nutritional value can be found elsewhere. Especially milk. While, I can agree with this, I also like to have a tasty drink on hand. It's why I get bulk juice at CostCo cause I can get 40 packets for $6.99
-Avoid drugstore/pharmacy "deals". They're usually worse than grocery markets. Yes, god dammit. Rite Aid has raped my ass before.
-A little bit of quality/expensive cheese provides much more flavor per dollar than cheap kraft cheese. This is something Rich would really agree with. I don't, though. Plus, Kraft cheese? That shit ain't cheap. Go for non-name brand stuff. I find it's good. Go for whatever you feel tastes good.
-Alfalfa, lentils, etc are cheap nutritious greens. Alfalfa is a type of grass, lol.
-Weeds outside may be edible veggies; harvest food from a neighbors garden; grow basic herbs (cilantro, basil, rosemary, mint, scallion, parsley) on a windowsill garden. Assuming you can GROW anything. wtf man.

Cooking: Because you've never made anything and you don't know where to fucking start.
-For sandwich choices, try home made egg salad, tuna salad, grilled cheese, and grilled chicken.
-Try cooking with mainly tofu/beans/seitan, and adding just a bit of meat for flavor/psychological value. I hate beans and tofu... so I don't even know about this one.
-Mac and Cheese seems cheap, but is expensive when you factor in the milk/butter. Yes. Also, it's not that great for you.
-Baked chicken breasts drizzled with olive oil and spices are awesome for just about anything. Including sandwiches. Get some fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers on that bitch with some 12 grain spicy brown mustard and you got yourself a sandwich. That does sound good, bro.

Staple list: Because you keep going shopping once for every meal.
-Bulk buy rice, potatoes (or dehydrated potatoes), flour, beans (dried or canned), tomato products (crushed, pastes), canned veggies, pasta, tuna (canned), oatmeal, bouillon cubes, oil, store brand oats, onions, peanut butter tub. All of these can be used in many ways. I already do this too!
-Moderately buy spices. (Thyme, rosemary, oregano, cumin, parsley, chili flakes, coriander, bay, kosher salt, dill, peppercorns, basil, mustard, chili, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder)
-Various cheap red/white wine and wine vinegars.
-In general, items that versatile in cooking + spices that'll add variety to make the difference between a bad and good meal.

General: What, you need more tips?
-You can be poor without sacrificing flavor, nutrition, or variation.
- What a nifty site.
-google "low cost recipes home-cooking from scratch" for buying/cooking for a family of 4 at $50 a week.
-You can trade time for money. again, wut.
-Buy and ask for kitchenware (a blender/food processor can save you on pre cut and pre ground products; crock pots save loads of time.) A lot of people hate on crock pots, I don't know why, but if you have a good stew in there ready to go, you drop that in during the morning, that night you've got a bitchin meal.
-Clean out the work fridge once a month. YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO DO THIS. UNLESS YOU KNOW ITS OKAY.

Example: Put that knowledge to use, padawan.
Thanks for the star wars tips, channer.
-Example 1: You are making a big ass batch of soup containing mostly potato products and bits of veggies. When Paula Dean makes such a "potato" soup, she would add in copious amounts of milk, butter, cheese, and bacon. DITCH ALL OF THOSE. After all, you would rather eat the crispy bacon sparingly as a treat than watch it disappear in that soup! Add dehydrated potato flakes to the soup base of a vegetable stock to add creaminess and substance. Be liberal with the spices, garlic and onions, and saute them all first to bring out the flavor. Add in a mild creamy bean like Great Northern to make the soup significantly more substantial. Make biscuits if you want and freeze the left overs for later.

-Example 2: You are having taco night with your underageB& friends. I see this happening in my near future. When Mama Ortega makes such a meal, she would use vast a amounts of ground beef and serve it with chips, salsa, bean dip, sour cream, Krap shredded cheese and Spanish rice. lol they mean Kraft if you couldn't tell from their clever pun. Ditch all that shit. You will use cumin, chili flakes, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, etc to heavily spice up some beans, rice and canned tomato products as your taco filler. You will use tortillas from the Immigrant store, and use them sparingly. Think massive burritos rather than dainty taco. FUCK YEAH. If you must use cheese, use less than a fourth the amount you would normally smother a taco with. Eat a small amount of lettuce/salad with it.

-Example 3: You are making a sandwich for lunch. When Jared makes a sandwich, he adds 10 slices of honey roasted deli ham, Krap cheese singles, olive oil based Mayo, bakery fresh artisan rye bread, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. He eats his sandwich with some chips, a pickle and a Waldorf Fruit Salad. You're a poor bastard. You get none of that. Shit is expensive.
Remember those immigrant tortilla's from yesterday? That's your bread. Use some frozen chicken or immigrant tofu you bought on sale. Or make bean fritters as a filler (Smoosh up some beans, mix with potato flakes and whatever else you like, fry in pan with a spits worth of oil). Cabbage and carrots are in season and you picked up a bunch at the farmer's market. Shred them, toss with vinegar, oil, sugar and you have some cole slaw.

Bitches at Panera would pay 8.99 for a chicken wrap with coleslaw.

God damn. lol. Hope that helps; I was somewhat helped, even.
Feel free to add some tips, too, if you have any!
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