I put this in an email.

I don't believe in leagues as some people suggest. I think there are some people that can't date because they're too different on some subjects or they have the same faults so it would be a bad idea... but there is no such thing as "they're too beautiful for you". I think that's a cruel way to think about it and I think it abolishes hope, which is bad.
AD//Stan Horse raaage

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I am just so, so paranoid lately. This is going to be like when I was younger and I would worry myself until I was actually physically sick.

Fuck that. I've decided I'm angry. I'm going to be angry about this, because I think that's what I do best.

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Did I cure my block? I don't know. I don't think so. I finished something that I should have finished forever ago. And that's how I feel about everything. It's not even really finished, you know? I just finished a part of something.

I actually think to myself, I'm gonna finish writing this - then I'll rewrite it. At the pace I'm going, by the time I start rewriting it, I'll be in my 40's.